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About OpsLayer

Founded by Stefan Mehlhorn, Tim Baldwin, and other core members of PureStake, the team has extensive experience building global technology and infrastructure.

Weโ€™ve managed everything from data centers to networks, to as-a-service platforms for companies with some of the strictest security and availability requirements.

Collectively, our team has had a role in forging industry-leading development and DevOps practices for major cloud services and mobile payments platforms.

As founding members of PureStake, we gained our Web3 infrastructure and protocol experience by launching Algorand, Moonbeam, and Moonriver.

Innovation Through Performance

OpsLayer is focused on delivering best-in-class services through our unwavering commitment to quality.

For us, that means our services are as secure as possible, with maximal uptime and performance. We are relentless about providing safe, stable infrastructure and services โ€” no matter what.

Sometimes, that means new features have to wait until the next sprint. And weโ€™re okay with that, as long as weโ€™re able to continue delivering the best possible services to our customers.

What Drives Us?

OpsLayer offers a broad set of permission less infrastructure and managed infrastructure-as-a-service offerings for projects in every size and stage of development. We can work with you to stabilize your network at launch, or simply to provide on-going infrastructure services as your network grows.

Security is What Matters and Comes First

Security is our foremost concern and that means that sometimes, features come second.

Transparent and Honest Interactions

Communications with both our customers and our community are always a top priority.

Act in the Best Interest of the Network

Our business strategy will always be aligned with the goals of the networks we support.

Level Up with OpsLayer

Contact us to discuss how our expertise in cloud infrastructure, blockchain security, and software development can bring your project to the next level.

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